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Eights Quilt in Progress

Well, an after progress. I actually finished this big guy last week but haven’t had a chance to get pictures of it as it is so large! But here are some progress shots.

I decided to free motion the whole quilt. In the black background of the quilt I opted for this swirly design. In the octagons I free motioned feathers. My first time doing feathers! And why you don’t see an image of them? Because well they are… okay.


For the binding I opted to do a mostly black edge. I used some scrap of the teal, white and red in the edge as well. Here I am attaching the binding. My sewing table is actually quite large but doesn’t seem like it with this King taking over the table and eating me.

P1010244 copy

Of course attaching a binding means you must have help. Matilda is making sure it doesn’t slide off the table while I work.


While taking a break both kitties had to come take a nap it in it. So it seem this quilt has been used before my Dad and Step Mom get it. Of course they left a ton of fuzzies all over it!


After I completed the binding I went to wash the quilt but it was way too big to fit in our washer. I had to stick it in my bathtub and walk all over it to clean and squish the water out. Luckily it fit the dryer. Now it’s hiding on top of my fabric drawers high away from the kitties so their fuzz won’t contaminate it.

I’ll try and get pictures of the completed quilt this week.