Party Dress for a Summer Wedding

My good friends Meg and Bill tied the knot this past weekend at a beautiful castle outside of Denver. Meg having lived in Hawaii for many years had a summery beach theme. Most of my dresses are very fall colored so I thought I'd make a dress for her special day.

I used Simplicity pattern 4070. Instead of using all the same fabric I used a mix. I also lined the bodice in cotton. I do this for more strength in the corseting and comfort. When you are hot and sweaty it feels great. I lined the skirt with a polyester that had similar drape to the coral fabric. If making this dress make sure to try the bodice on multiple times. It fit terribly from the pattern as is. I had to take in the sides and above the bust to make it fit more properly.


When I was digging through my stash I found the coral fabric in my skirt. It was a flowy polyester I bought probably 10 years ago! I realized it looked great with the Boucherouite print in Blush from the Luxe in Bloom fabric line. Luxe in Bloom was designed by a friend I went to college with, Sarah Watson. Maybe I'm biased but I do love the line.


I actually made the dress with the intention of not adding the belt as seen in the pattern. When I tried it on I realized it did indeed need a band of something around the waist. I used one of the coordinates from Luxe in Bloom, Crystalline in Cobalt.


I also whipped up a little clutch to match my dress. The bride saw the clutch the night before and asked if I could make something for her in her wedding colors to carry around at the reception. I unfortunately do not have a picture of hers.


So my hair looks like hell and let me explain why. When we were getting ready to go to the hotel I had the dress on to figure out what shoes to wear. As I bent over to take them off the invisible zipper in the back snapped apart! Luckily it snapped at home and not at the wedding. My husband had to literally cut me out of the dress to get it off! He seam ripped out the zip while I finished getting stuff together. I quickly put in a heavy duty metal fashion zipper. I didn't have time to hand sew the lining to the zip as I still had to finish putting makeup on in the car ride to the hotel. We got to the hotel with very little time to jump on the shuttle. My plan was to quickly change at the wedding location. So I brought needle and thread to stitch the lining on while we rode to the wedding location...


But the shuttles took all the guests to the wrong wedding!!! I managed to get a hold of some of the bridal party to tell them we were going to be late. Thinking I'd have no time to change I shimmied my dress under the one I was wearing. With the help of the mother of the Officiant and, we had me dressed and ready to go. Then we got word another shuttle broke down and had to wait for a new one to get the guests! Yikes. Meg handled the whole mess up beautifully. Everyone finally made it to see Meg and Bill look so dashing to say their vows.


Here we are with the bride and groom!


Cheers to Meg and Bill,