The Commuter Quilt


Complete Cover

I’m excited to finally share with you my first pattern, The Commuter Quilt! When my husband and I decided to go carless, I began making items that could utilize our bicycles better. I enjoyed making bicycle gear so much I continued even after we ended up getting a car. This quilt came out of that love.

The Commuter Quilt is designed to be carried on to your bicycle. In the instructions, I show you how to add straps to the quilt so you can roll it up and strap it to the top tube, rack, or handlebars of your bike.

Also, the quilt top is super easy to make. I wanted to be able to feature larger-scaled prints without cutting them up. Instead of making half square triangles I show you how to cut the pieces as a whole. You then strip piece them into columns and assemble them to make the block.

You can order a printed or pdf version of my pattern online.

The PDF is available for download with purchase in my Craftsy Pattern Shop and my Etsy store.

In my Square Market you can get either version.


Make sure to check by regularly as I’m working on more patterns geared for your bicycle!